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Welcome to Harmony Supervised Visits


We provide safe supervised child visitations between a non-custodial parent and one or more children. We are a neutral third party responsible for observing and seeking to ensure the safety of those involved. We are certified and ready to Facilitate a Safe and Pleasant Visit!



What are Supervised Child Visitations?

Supervised Child Visitations are visits between children and their non-custodial parents, where a Monitor acts as a neutral third party to enforce the conditions of a court order related to the days, hours, location and other details of the visitations. The safety and security of the children is the number one priority for the Monitor.


What is the Purpose of Child Monitoring?


Supervised Child Visits are designed to assure that a child can have safe contact with an absent parent without having to be put in the middle of the parents’ conflicts or other problems.  Children can anticipate the visits without the stress of worry and enjoy a comfortable environment

  • Trained Professional Visitation Monitor

  • 10+Yrs   Experience in Therapeutic Behavior Services

  • CPR & First Aid Trained

  • Over 8yrs Clinical Psychology Exp.

  • M.A & B.A

  • Non-violent Crisis Prevention Intervention Training`

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